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A SERVICE WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THAT TRUE HEALTH CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED AND MAINTAINED WHEN THE MIND, BODY, SOUL AND SPIRIT IS IN BALANCE WITH NATURAL LAWS.. What I DO does AFFECT YOU. The Spirited Palace is our body…our Temple. What we eat, think, speak and do is the food that we feed on… THEREFORE WE ENCOURAGE YOU as we do TO SEEK POSITIVE HEALTH by being conscious of all your words and deeds... This environment is the HUB FOR HEALING. Our service to you is to provide FOOD FOR WHOLISTIC HEALING. I give therefore I receive. As you enter and stand within, I send you love, peace, positive energy for ONENESS

We at The Spirited Palace would like to thank you for your support in keeping our service to you the community at Vegan Caribbean Cuisine and all the Holistic Workshops and events we have hosted over the past 5 years. As a small business in an area like this in Crystal Palace, we have managed to keep our prices low, providing quality food for your health and well being. As you see, we have also been small in staff numbers, working long hours to maintain all that is necessary for you and for our wellbeing (domestic and business) Our choice of food is produced fresh each day with love as our first ingredient and the thought of nutrition as the main purpose for eating. (Protein, vitamins minerals, carbohydrates…. A balance of acid and alkaline for a healthy lifestyle) On average we create 10 choices daily…..you may not have notice because our Daily Special Offer… Rainbow Plate, could have up to 8 of the 10 choices each day… where as if you were to make individual choices at a price per food, you would not have so much variety on your daily plate. As Vegans, we omit meat, fish, dairy ….all animal products from our foods and where possible, we use Organic products. Keeping tract on all things in the food industry is also our daily responsibility so that we can provide safe meals to the best of our ability. We would like to continue providing delicious holistic food and to be sure that your health is our well being we accept all your comments and feedback to our staff members. To maintain good service and quality food, we will have to make changes in the way we have provided foods and services thus a price raise is necessary. This is a prelude to our new menu and price changes. We trust that you will be satisfied with our continuous supply of love, tasting and feeling the quality of fresh, home cooked nutritious foods, cakes, desserts drinks health products and workshops at the Spirited Palace. . Love and Spiritual Energy to you.